Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A shedload of aid money, and little noticeable effect, what gives?

"If I can't eat the number, when were talking about N&N's (sic), I can't conceive of it..... Our little monkey brains didn't evolve to deal with numbers that don't mean anything to our survival..." - Teller

Over one billion dollars of Aid money has bee 'pumped' into South Sudan. There are no really noticeable effects. Where did it all go!?

It's all there you see, you just can't conceive of it.

Ask Roving Bandit, who has a great little post on the quantity fallacy of ineffective aid. Check it out.

Reminds me of this post on what a trillion of dollars looks like. (You know you can fit a million US in a plastic shopping bag?!)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Robert Reich tells America like it is, in less than 2:15

A little simplified, but in good spirit... and then this douche tries fallaciously to rebut him. Favorite paraphrase, "When people grow up they actually make more money, not less." Moron!

ht: Jeannie Morgan