Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How to download any video with Safari

Want to save that youtube video? Want to get a hard copy of that vimeo? Safari can do it without any additional fiddly little programs.

1. Open the page and click play on the video.

2. Press command-option 'a'

3. Scroll down the activity window to the largest thing going on. (Its usually the only thing more than 5MB)

4. Double click on it. Presto! No hassle, no mess!

5. You may have to click on the down loaded file, wait till the name is highlighted and add a .flv extention to the name.

To play .flv (flash) format with quicktime I suggest downloading Perian. It is a painless, free quicktime component that lets you play EVERYTHING right in quicktime.

Bye bye, VLC! (though I do keep VLC around just for its extra loud preamp abilities)

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