Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trouble with Arab Autocrats pt.1

...exciting times in the Middle East right now. With tyrants ousted in Tunisia and Egypt, several body politics have risen up in contempt of their authoritarian rulers.

People wrongly perceive each country as largely the same, with the same problems running through the entirety of the Middle East. While these countries share certain attributes (they are all post colonial, for example) the conflicts in each are quite distinct. I'm going to try to make it all easy to understand.

But first, a map:

Oops, not that one... (Thats the one where Fox News MISPLACED EGYPT!)

This one:

Of course this is oversimplified, it's 90 seconds long!

Here's another gross simplification for you from 2006 (remember, I'm still getting started...):

And still another, less political:

Can you name the states?

So now we know the where...