Sunday, May 8, 2011

Airline safety videos - Who the hell watches those anyway?

First, at Delta they got a sexy stewardess to add a little sizzle to their video. It became somewhat of a meme on the interblags: Smoking is not allowed!

Then New Zealand Air does this!

Breaking the mold alright!  You will probably pay attention now! At least until you're forced to watch it more than 3 times...

I say lets democratize it. Make an art out of it. Someone ought to create a competition on youtube for the best inflight video. They'd get so many good entires they could have a different one for each flight! So often the corporate world doesn't understand the incentives of the youtube generation. People just want recognition.

And down with the forced consumption of advertising! If I'm going to be forced to watch ads, you'd better pay me for it. Right now. In cash or booze kind.