Thursday, November 11, 2010

About Joel G.K.

My name is Joel, I am currently working on an education reform PPP project as an English language advisor. I've kept my name abbreviated so as to protect myself from trouble arising from some of the more crass remarks I've made about some powerful organizations here that could affect me directly. I hope you don't mind.

While international economics and politics aren't a part of my job as an advisor, my mind invariably wanders off in that direction on a daily basis. This blog is my musing. Ultimately, I want to know why poverty persists, why the whole world isn't 'developed', what actions can be taken to improve the lives of the poor and how I can help to inspire a transformation in a status quo that has failed to address these problems on a systemic level. I'm also easily distracted and curious about many other things, as you may find out. This blog should ultimately labour to tease out some coherence from certain pockets of global affairs. I hope your curiosity is piqued :)

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