Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Linkies of the week

Monsanto hands USAID a 4 million dollar bomb and they plant it in Haiti. 

Oops, World Food Program forgets about PPP when calculating how much you can buy on a dollar a day in this video.

The selection process for the Managing Director of the the IMF, worlds most powerful lender (perhaps),  is rigged!

The Economist starts what I hope will be come a seminal debate on the importance of a manufacturing phase of development.... between Ha-Joon Chang and Jagdish Baghwati! Guess who is on which side?

Built to commemorate Russian soldiers in Bulgaria, this prime example of socialist realism now reads "Moving with the times". Brilliant!

Spot Ronald McDonald back there?!

Zimbabwe has the lowest Human Development Index rank in the world. How can Zim climb the HDI ladder?

Pfizer must be relieved that the mass rapes in Libya seem to be a false claim. Meanwhile Nato still bombs the f@#$ out of them.