Friday, July 2, 2010

Tasty Little Plastic Fish

Do you find yourself pondering the future of global fish stocks? Are you worried that the seafood you are eating poses an existential threat to marine life due to the irresponsibility of the fishing industry?

Well, here is a site that should quell your anxiety somewhat: The Environmental Defence Fund's guide to eating eco-friendly fish. Now you know which fish is which!

I have been concerned since I heard Daniel Pauly talk about global fish stocks not lasting 50 years. Though I don't have that link, Prof. Pauly wrote this comprehensive piece in the New Republic

Well, If you weren't worried about overfishing for some reason, you can worry instead about our plastic consumption - It's ending up in the ocean. Every fish you have eaten had a little bit o' plastic inside when it was caught. Yuk.

 Hear about our plastic seas and the Pacific trash vortex in this short TED talk from Capt. Charles Moore:

If that still doesn't trouble you, or if you are passed the realm of concern and have entered the realm of impuissance, the 'marine debris' sometimes converges to form giant islands of trash that float around the pacific ocean.  Apparently it sometimes becomes dense enough to stand on.

Plastic island doomsday tiki party anyone?

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