Monday, July 5, 2010

Website of the Week - Transparency International

Transparency International is 'the global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption.' Their most famous publication is the Corruption Perceptions Barometer. This report has been criticised much for the same reason I criticised Daniel Kaufmann's corruption paper just yesterday. It is a survey, so people must volunteer information about corruption. If different people have different incentives to lie, or not lie, about corruption the whole survey is moot.

So long as we are aware of this limitation, I think the report can still offer some interesting information. Here are the most corrupt nations on earth according to the citizens of those nations:

Afghanistan, Myanmar, Iraq, Sudan and Somalia were the lowest-ranked while New Zealand was the highest, with last year's winner Denmark as runner-up and Singapore in third. None are too surprising. The scale ranges from 1.1 in Somalia to 9.4 in New Zealand. The vast majority of countries score below 5. Corruption is rampant. Clear legal frameworks and fair, effective enforcement of the law continue to be a great challenge for the vast majority of nations around the world.

Beyond that report, TI also publishes a Global Bribe Payers Index as well as a Global Corruption Barometer.

TI is fighting the good fight against corruption by strengthening and supporting watchdog agencies both national and international. It is present in about 100 countries and works to foster freedom of information around the world. It also produces extensive reports on corruption in these countries.

I love this organization. I think that bringing corruption to the forefront of the global struggle against poverty is exactly what needs to happen. More than anything, it is corruption that keeps poor people poor.

TI also has a nice little section of their website devoted to news about corruption around the globe. For this little section, as well as for their expansive documentation of global corruption, they get website of the week.

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