Sunday, September 12, 2010

Castro Candidly Confesses...

He was wrong about a lot of things!

Here he admits that the Cuban economic model is not fit for Cuba! However, here he takes it back. Of course he can't just betray his cause of the past 50 years, but just the fact that he can utter something along those lines indicates the Cuban state is open to reform. And indeed it is time for some reform. I just hope the door doesn't swing open wildly. Because a slam shut is what usually follows...

He also takes the blame for the persecution of gay people in Cuba. Apparently he had too much on his mind (including the CIA, and food and medicine) to decriminalize homosexuality until 1979. Before that, homosexual people were sent to re-education camps. Would it really have taken so long? Didn't he effectively rule by decree for a large part of his reign?

For the ripe old age of 84, Castro has been talking a lot lately. Is he shamelessly causing a stir to promote his autobiography?

(Then again, nuclear war is always a concern, France is expelling 700 Roma, and the US employs all kinds of tactics to get what they want, including exploding cigars.)

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