Monday, September 13, 2010

Links I Liked

1. Down with pennies!  Who knew those nasty little coins cost so much?

2. "Cynefin draws the world’s systems into four paradigms, arranged in a quadrant as per the attached diagram. They can fit into Simple, Complicated, Complex or Chaotic. Each paradigm has its own characteristics, and systems can shift from one paradigm to another.... In a Chaotic paradigm, there is relatively little difference likely to occur in quality between a response that is based on three weeks’ worth of detailed analysis and one that is based on the gut reaction of a team leader…" From Wanderlust

3. Why WSJ ought not get into the market of glossy magazines. And why you ought to trademark your product! Ezra Klein

4. Ladies, hang your balls out there. Oh, and one good pump will do. (if you want to be a banker at least...)

5. The Economist's Free Exchange Blog shoots down Krugman for his tone, his invisible target and his tactics (ouch) and adds a touch of insight on Chinese currency issues.

6. The death of the RSS reader? PaidContent

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