Friday, May 28, 2010

Africa Goal and Goal Condoms

In a previous post about the regulations that FIFA has placed on advertising in South Africa, I mentioned how I thought the poor would not benefit from the World Cup. When I wrote that post I had forgotten about a project several friends of mine started for the last world cup. Their initiative is brilliant:

"Africa Goal was initiated in line with the World Cup 2006. A team of nine people from diverse backgrounds travelled from Kenya to the West Coast of Namibia, projecting live World Cup matches every evening for the duration of the football tournament, together with HIV and AIDS information videos. Following the success of Africa Goal 2006, the same team, building on their experience gained and lessons learnt, is proposing the 2010 Africa Goal Project. Africa Goal 2010 will start in Nairobi, Kenya and end in Johannesburg, South Africa. The team’s journey will follow the “AIDS Highway” through Eastern and Southern Africa, where increased mobility and migration in conjunction with rising disposable incomes and the associated escalation of transactional sex along this central transport and trade route were a major contributor to the spread of HIV through the region."

Its an amazing adventure that I wish I could be a part of. Maciej Sudra, currently a High School Teacher at the International School of Harare, and Matt Herren, the CTO at a software company called Blankpage AG, are co-founders of the project and all around stellar guys. Also, two more friends and vital members of the team are Ana Sudra and Chris De Nogales who are also brilliant designers and visual artists. 

For this World Cup they have also put their talents towards creating a world cup condom initiativeGoal Condoms: 

Their practical approach to disseminating such vital information should be a lesson for the bigger, more well-financed initiatives. Speaking of finances, if you like the idea why not send them a shilling or two?

Best of luck and hats off to you guys!

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