Monday, May 24, 2010

Subject Matters and Construction

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Photo of the week: Abu Dhabi City from the Beach

Abu Dhabi, my current home, is developing at an exceedingly rapid pace. The recent downturn in Dubai has left a glut of construction companies and migrant workers fallow. Abu Dhabi, it seems, has swept them up and put them to task. You will not find many city scapes with out at least one crane.

With this pace of construction, planning is always a concern of mine. What is the plan? To be honest, it seems like there isn't one. Or, at least there is no static plan, no plan that survives the daily whims of the executives in the echelons of Urban Planning Council. Before we know it, well have a huge mess of lifeless buildings that looks like something out of Dubai.

An architect friend of mine commented the other day about the difficulty this poses for development companies. A building she helped design was approved on a plot authorized for six stories, but her plan only went to five. One the eve of breaking ground the city nixed her plans citing that the building was too many stories! The new design has four stories... my bet is that in the end it will wind up with six. This whole process takes months of course.

Although this seems like it would slow the pace of growth, be sure, it has not.

Oh well, at least Saadiyat will be amazing.

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