Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good ol' Kenyan Politics

Ruto is a thug. He  has been embezzling, smuggling, illegally selling, lying, cheating and stealing his entire career as a Kenyan Politician. Then again, he is nothing out of the ordinary.

He was suspended as a Higher Eudcation minister on charges of corruption in October. He was acquitted just a few days ago and cleared of all charges. The half million US that disappeared out of the coffers of the Kenya Pipeline Company apparently didn't go directly into his pocket.

He is also one of the six men accused of inciting the post election violence in 2007/8. He has been trying his best to get the case deferred, even flying to the Hague this week to haggle, but has failed at every attempt

And, of course, he will be running for president.

In your country, would this man, if only accused of these crimes, run for office?