Sunday, April 17, 2011

Write no evil

Quite often my posts are level headed, or just plain reporting of facts (as I find them;). But sometimes I feel the need to write something a little more inflammatory. A after a few-wide eyed posts about hope and innovation, I just feel the need to lash out a bit. Maybe I do it to try to get some attention... In any case, I have taken some advice from my friends and due to present circumstances in the UAE I have decided to grade my language.

Three bloggers have been jailed recently for writing inflammatory posts.

From now on I will refrain from being crass about anything in the UAE. I am also going back and making sure I haven't written anything offensive in old posts.

Am I a coward? Nah, I see it like this: I enjoy living here and do not wish to be kicked out, at least not yet, and I am not passionate enough to be a martyr. Although... give it a few months and the crass might be back. :)