Monday, April 4, 2011

Harpster has trouble with democracy and with names

It is a troubling time for Canadians. A federal election is upon us. It is the 4th election in seven years. Over the past five, Harper has lead a minority Conservative government who have been efficiently dismantling Canada's democracy, it's regard for the environment, and its reputation in the world for being a progressive and egalitarian nation. I am no expert on Canadian Politics, but I am aware that the situation is dire.

Over the past years Conservative scandals have been so numerous, it is hard to pick any in particular that stand out. Nonetheless, here are a few:

Harper has seen to it: that war resistors are offered no shelter in canada, that the choice of abortion be left off the G8 maternal health policy (even for rape victims), that parliament was prorogued not once, but twice.... and that is just the beginning of the list. He's been shutting down women's groups, limiting funding for grassroots organizations, blatantly appealing to particular special interest lobbies without regard for consequence (video) and limiting the media's ability to showcase his deception and deceit (video and video). He thinks that the Canadian people don't care that he broke the law by deliberately misleading parliament about the cost of fighter jets he proposed Canada purchase:

Allow me to go into a little more detail about the two prorogations. They were both for the explicit purpose of avoiding a motion of no confidence. The likelyhood of losing that vote came about in 2009 because Herpie tried to limit civil servants rights to strike, eliminate the dollar 95 that political parties garner for each vote they receive in an election, and tried to limit the recourse that women have for pay equity issues; things he's still trying to do.

The second prorogation was as blatantly undemocratic as the first. Even the Economist had a dig: "Mr Harper’s move looks like naked self-interest" His efforts to shut down parliament amidst the controversy of the Afghan detainees affair succeeded.

Now, all of this is broad strokes, so more research/attention is needed to do any justice to how terrible this government really is. If you have anything to add or correct, please do!

Even now there are great little scandals to pay attention to. For example:

Why does Harpy have trouble with his own party member's name?

 Because he is conniving bastard.

 What a tool.

(Apologies for the overly dense linking!)