Sunday, June 27, 2010


Here is a nice video about CAR. That is pronounced "see"-"ay"-"are" as in the letters, not "car" as in the vehicle. Ever heard of the Central African Republic? Well you may not need to. Some skeptics believe it will cease to exist as a nation in the near future, here is why:

CAR was supposed to have elections in March, then May, and now, after rewriting the constitution to allow the current government to stay in power as long as it takes to run an election, who knows? They are likely waiting for some rich pro-democracy group to come in and fund the election.

There has not been a peaceful, free or fair election since the one that launched the first rebellion in 1960 when France 'pulled out' and left the brutal Jean-Bedel Bokassa in their place.

For more info here is the BBC profile, here is the HDPT website.

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