Thursday, June 24, 2010

The UAE is a bad country

Here is the Human Rights Watch page for UAE.

The situation is absolutely terrible.

I keep saying to myself that people would not keep coming if the abuse wasn't worth the extra income. While perhaps it is true, I no longer think this is an acceptable position. This state is filthy rich. It can afford to treat people decently.

Here is Amnesty International's page.

Although you sometimes hear claims about 'bolstering efforts' and 'renewing commitments', the UAE has yet to sign any major international treaty on human rights.

On the other hand — when it comes to human trafficking, in Qatar you need your employer's permission to leave the country. Now that's a lot of power in the employer's hands. In the UAE, if you make it to the airport and request a flight home, you're given a ticket and told to never return. Is that at least a little justice?

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