Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear Kenya,
GM Tastes Bad

After years of praising food in Kenya for being fresh, nutritious and delicious, I despair at the news of President Mwai Kibaki deciding to degrade Kenya's food supply and allow GM crops.

It is a bad idea for many reasons in addition to the fact that GM food is often less nutritious almost always tastes worse. Kenya does not have the technology to cope with the complications that GM crops bring with them. Issues like pest control, nutrient leakage, and cross pollination will all threaten Kenya's biosphere. Kenyan farmers will find themselves in the pocket of biotech companies that have a history of extortion. (I don't even need to provide you with links for that claim.) Big deals like this one only reinforce the structure of Kenyan politics and the rampancy of corruption.

Earlier this month Hatian farmers rose up against Monsanto. Powerful stuff. If only Kenyans could see this!

HT: Structurally Maladjusted

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