Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Prospects for the poor in South Africa

For a previous post about FIFA in South Africa, I hoped to find some better figures to share with you. I found some:

According to Citi, FIFA profited 1.8 million USD from the World Cup in Germany, equivalent to 0.8% of South Africa's GDP, and are expected to better that figure. Grant Thornton has predicted the boost to South Africa's economy will be around 0.4% of their GDP.

Though disconcerting, this is of course neoliberalspeak. What is most upsetting is the news of evictions and restrictions. Like in many major events in cities with high populations of poor people, there is a rug under which authorities hope to sweep any and all 'blemishes'. People are being sent to squatter camps.

"Blikkiesdorp" - Afrikaans for "Tin Can Town".

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